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    Behavioral Health Integration Implementation Guide

    Explore a range of resources available in the Behavioral Health Implementation Guide, compiled by the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative. The guide includes making the case for behavioral health integration and how it works, from implementation to sustainability.  The information is relevant to all types of practices, not just those in the safety net.

Case summariesVignettes, profiles and testimonial videos

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    CareSouth Carolina Case Study

    Learn how one LEAP site, CareSouth Carolina, integrated behavioral health by making several practice changes. This case study was compiled by the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative.

Clinical protocolStanding orders, risk stratification forms and hospital transition protocols

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    Scope of integrated behavioral health

    This table presents the range of services that require a blend of behavioral health and medical expertise. It is part of a comprehensive resource from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Integration Academy: Lexicon for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration.

Role featuresJob descriptions, career ladders and other HR materials

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    Behavioral Health role functions and personnel who can perform them

    This table presents behavioral health services in terms of the role functions and people who can perform them. Functions include screening, patient activation, crisis intervention, social support, and levels of behavioral health therapeutic interventions. A range of team members can fulfill each function. See how your MA, nurse, Behavioral Health specialist, and other roles can make important contributions.

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    Behavioral Health Collaborative Compact

    See an example Behavioral Health Collaborative Compact, developed by one LEAP site to formalize collaborations with community behavioral health specialists to ensure the best care for patients.


LEAP Learning ModuleOther helpful topics included in this website


WorkflowTemplates, flow sheets and mapping aids

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    Behavioral Health Warm Hand off referral

    This referral form helps facilitate warm hand-offs of patients from primary care providers to behavioral health specialists at one LEAP site, Asian Health Services. The front page summarizes the reasons for referral, and the back page shows the protocols that each team member should follow to ensure effective warm hand-offs.