Build the Team

The Practice Team

Learn how to start building care teams that make the most of the diverse skills and expertise your clinicians and staff have to offer.

The Medical Assistant (MA)

Explore ways to enhance the MA role in primary care and find tools to help you make the business case, hire and train the right people, and minimize turnover.


Leadership and support from PCPs is essential for a practice to develop effective practice teams and team-based patient care

The Registered Nurse (RN)

RNs bring a unique set of clinical skills to primary care. Learn how to maximize those skills, reshape the RN role, and delegate traditional RN tasks to others.

The Lay Person

From referral management to quality improvement and health coaching, discover the many roles lay people can play on primary care teams.

The Clinical Pharmacist

Find out how clinical pharmacists can become key members of the care team through warm handoffs, team huddles, and routine medication review with patients.

The Behavioral Health Specialist

Learn how your practice and your patients can benefit from having a behavioral health specialist on-site and find tools to help you develop a business model.