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  • Staff training

    Care Team "dance" and roles

    LEAP site West County Health Centers creates time and space for care team members to learn how to work together as a team. West County developed training materials around the concept of the "team dance" to describe how they artfully interact together to provide great care to patients. Materials include a description of each care team role: MA, front office, and RN.

  • Staff training

    Care Team Training

    See the team training used by LEAP site Cambridge Health Alliance–Union Square Family Medicine to orient all members to the team culture and facilitate working relationships.

  • Staff training

    Team Development for Clinicians and MAs

    See the curriculum developed by one LEAP site to develop the critical relationship between provider and MA. Learning how to work together as a team is a skill that benefits from training and support, just like clinical skills. This training helped improve the partnership between providers and MAs through developing an aligned "purpose statement," communicating effectively, giving and receiving feedback, and identifying a decision-making style.