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    MAs Improve language access and patient centered care

    Learn how one LEAP site, Asian Health Services, improved language access and patient-centered care. This case study, by the Healthforce Center at UCSF with funding from the Hitachi Foundation, highlights the role of the MA in better connecting with communities served.

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    Case Study: Clinic-Community Connections at Maple City

    Learn how one LEAP site goes above and beyond to improving the well-being of the broader community beyond their patient population and helps patients gain resources that are not currently available elsewhere.

Role featuresJob descriptions, career ladders and other HR materials

  • Role features

    Care Coordinator Job Responsibilities

    Learn about the responsibilities of the care coordinator at one LEAP site. Working with a nurse care manager, the MA care coordinator supports care management focused on the highest-risk patients.

  • Role features

    Medical Social Worker Job Description

    Here is a job description of a traditional social worker from LEAP site Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Social workers are valuable assets to primary care teams to help connect patients to community resources and navigate through systems, often helping improve the health of patients by addressing social determinants of health.

Staff trainingTutorials, training manuals, etc.

  • Staff training

    Volunteer Wellness Outreach Worker Handbook and Resource Manual

    Learn about the role that volunteers play in connecting patients to community resources at LEAP site West County Health Centers, Inc. Here are excerpts from the extensive Volunteer Training Handbook: the table of contents and description of the "waiting room host" position. Hosts sit in the waiting room with a large resource binder to help connect patients to community resources. Many volunteers are also patients at West County Health Centers, Inc.

Patient materialsAction plans, brochures, team cards, welcome letters

  • Patient materials

    Community Resource Guide

    See how one LEAP site, Penobscot Community Health Care, helps patients learn about resources in their community. This Community Resource Guide is given to patients to help them improve their health beyond the clinic walls. The Guide also reflects the breadth of partnerships and relationships that PCHC maintains in their community.

  • Patient materials

    Guiding Principles of the Practice

    Understanding patients' needs and building on community assests is important enough to many LEAP sites that it is built into the practice's guiding principles, vision, or values. This reflects a commitment to the community and using staff time to connect the practice to community organizations that can help meet patients' needs.

  • Patient materials

    Practice Programs and Services Brochure

    At LEAP site 11th Street Family Health Services, patients have access to a wide variety of classes, programs, and services that are not available in their community—such as cooking classes and the ability to take home produce from the onsite community garden. Some classes are open to all community members. Check out their brochure here.

WorkflowTemplates, flow sheets and mapping aids

  • Workflow

    EMR template for community resources

    See an example screen shot of the EMR template for making community referrals at one LEAP site, High Plains Community Health Center.


  • Publications

    Safety trainings for nail salon workers

    Learn about one of the many projects that LEAP site Asian Health Services has done to help the broader community. Since discovering health issues among Vietnamese patients working in nail salon shops in 2005, the organization has conducted safety trainings for nail salon workers, helped create a statewide coalition focused on these health issues, and organized advocacy efforts to improve working conditions.