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    Care Team Workflow: Provider, RN, MA, and Front Office

    This care team workflow, from LEAP site West County Health Centers, shows how the work is distributed across care team members. West County intentionally developed their care team model so that RNs could work to the top of their license and skillset. That involved distinguishing critical triage needing a nurse's advice from other types of calls, and sharing critical triage among the RNs in shifts.

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    RN Protocol for short term follow-up

    There are some types of telephone follow-ups on a short-term patient need that are most appropriate for an RN to do, given the clinical expertise or discretion that is needed. West County Health Centers helps to make the distinction in this protocol, as a guideline for what needs an RN or what can be handled by another team member.

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    RN Outreach for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Enrolled patients

    See an example of protocol for titrating medications developed by one LEAP site, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, for RNs to use when needed while conducting outreach to patients at risk for cardiovascular disease.