WorkflowTemplates, flow sheets and mapping aids

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    Team Member Roles in Planned Care

    See how one LEAP site organizes the entire care team around delivering proactive, population-based primary care. This document shows which team members are responsible for each task involved in planned care, divided into 3 domains: pre-visit, visit, and between visit. Everyone has important roles: the provider, team RN, MA, receptionist, planned care coordinator, community resource specialist, referral coordinator, pharmacist, and complex care manager. 

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    Pre-visit screening EMR template

    See the EMR template developed by one LEAP site to facilitate planned care. The Pre-visit screening template populates with date of last service and current status for immunizations, HIV, LDL, A1c, PSA, pap, mammogram, glaucoma, advanced directives, and more.

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    Care Team Huddle roles and responsibilities

    Learn from the protocol used to guide team huddles at one LEAP site. Notice the various pieces of information prepared in advance by each team member, so that the huddle is efficient and effective to coordinate care for patients during each shift.