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    Description of the MA/LVN role

    Learn about the MA/LVN role in planned care at one LEAP site. The MA/LVN spends 15-30 minutes with patients to review preventive and chronic illness care needs, before the provider even enters the room.

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    "Share the Care" Assessment of Team Roles and Tasks

    This is an example of a planning tool, to assess who is currently doing what tasks in your practice and then who should be doing each task, based on how we learned that LEAP sites define clear roles and responsibilities. Task distribution will vary from practice to practice, but the tool is in the discussion about roles that this worksheet can stimulate. Your practice may be able to redestribute tasks in a way that better fits your workforce and patient needs.

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    Care Manager Role in Diabetes Management: Follow-Up

    See the role played by the RN Care Manager at one LEAP site, in following up on diabetic patients. This table describes the important follow-up to provide for diabetic patients in between provider visits, both in-person and by phone. For example, for patients with high risk or poor control (A1c of 9 or higher), the Care Manager follows up 2 weeks after a provider visit, followed by a series of other follow-ups for at least 4 months.