Clinical protocolStanding orders, risk stratification forms and hospital transition protocols

  • Clinical protocol

    MA and Nurse level visits

    This algorithm was developed by LEAP site Clinica Family Health Services to decide whether a patient visit is an MA-level or RN-level visit. RN-level visits can be billed 99211, so this tool is helpful for clarifying roles as well as reimbursement for nursing services.

  • Clinical protocol

    MA and Nursing standing orders

    See several examples of standing orders for MAs and nurses, including reading PPD results, administering asthma medications, ordering labs, and more.

  • Clinical protocol

    Lab Cheat Sheets

    See how one LEAP site, Clinica Family Health Services, helps nurses and MAs with lab protocols using visual guidelines for reference in the lab setting. There are 1 page "cheat sheets" for several tests and procedures, to help nursing staff perform a variety of tasks from urine pregnancy tests to ultrasounds.